What's the email about? (Be Precise)

How difficult could it be to write an email? If this is what you’re thinking, think again. It’s undoubtedly not tricky; however, a poor understanding of email etiquette can get you in trouble. Think of greeting your boss with an incorrect salutation or making a careless remark in a mail addressed to them. That’s a surefire way to get in their bad books. To help you avoid such problems, AI Walkie’s Email Writer is a smart tool that can draft correct, clear, and effective emails for you within seconds! 

Be it a formal email you must write to your manager or an informal one inviting your friend for a trek over the weekend, this is the best AI email writer to effortlessly generate messages on any topic. An AI email writer, what’s that, you may ask? As the name suggests, an AI email generator uses artificial intelligence (AI) to interpret your prompts skillfully and create emails that adhere to appropriate language, grammar, and manner guidelines while serving their intended purpose. 

You can additionally use this automatic email writer to generate concise subject lines, determine writing style, discover relevant terms, and improve personalization. Talk about versatility! And to add the cherry on top, this handy AI email writer tool is absolutely free! No sign-up, no logins, no financial commitments! Next time you need help writing emails, know this free AI email writer has you covered! 

How to Use AI Walkie Email Writer? 

Mention the topic of your email in the text box under ‘What's the email about?.’ Remember to be precise for the best results.

Here are a few prompt ideas for you. 

  • Write an email to my manager, Mark, asking for a week's leave from 15th November 2024 to 20th November 2024 for a vacation to Bali. 

  • My friend, Abrar, recently won an interschool chess competition. Write an email congratulating him on his victory. Mention that I’m excited to meet him and that we should make plans soon. 

  • Write an email to an HR manager named Chris Russell about the role of a Business Development intern at BPS. Mention that I learned about the vacancy through their official website and am interested in the position. Include that I recently completed my master's degree in business development and am looking for opportunities to kickstart my career. Share that I’m sending my resume and looking forward to hearing back from him. 

Click ‘Generate.’ Your email will be ready within seconds.